Yes, Essure Tubal Reversal is Possible

Little Introduction to Technologically Advanced Essure

There are so many different methods a woman can use in an effort to stay away from unwanted pregnancies. One of these and comparatively more successful method for permanent birth control is Essure. In this procedure, small mechanical devices “micro inserts” are placed on your fallopian tubes to avoid undesired pregnancies. These micro inserts work very effectively with your body and produce a natural barrier in your tissues to avoid pregnancy. Filaments are used in the micro inserts to produce scar tissue in your system which creates that barrier. The main factor that attracts women to opt for this procedure is that there is no surgery, cut or incisions needed.

So You Are Looking For a Reversal Now

Woman is a very emotional creature on this planet. After few years, many women regret the decision they have made and wish to have another lovely and beautiful baby to make their life much happier. Circumstances of life may have also changed or they are feeling uncomfortable with the Essure. This is where Essure tubal reversal comes into action and spreads happiness in a woman’s life by giving her natural pregnancy again.

The Essure was considered irreversible few years ago. However, latest medical researchers have confirmed that Essure is completely reversible and its removal is possible. The Essure reversal may take an hour or more and it can be performed as an outpatient procedure. The Essure reversal cost by a highly qualified and experienced medical specialist can be less than $7000. The procedure can be performed in the hospital but an outpatient procedure is usually recommended because it is performed in a fully controlled and protected environment. Therefore, it is completely safe and secure procedure for tubal reversal.

How Essure Tubal Reversal is Performed

For women who want to have their Essure reversed it is important to go for a medical expert who is highly qualified professional with the years of experience in Essure tubal reversal. A qualified professional with great experience is the best person to deal with your complications effectively. This procedure is a bit more challenging and harder than the tubal ligation reversal. In an effort to remove the Essure coils from fallopian tubes along with the scar tissues, your fallopian tubes are removed from the uterus. Right after that, your fallopian tubes are reconnected, rejoined, or reattached through the new openings in the uterus. This procedure is generally known as tubouterine implantation. Essure reversal is performed to make sure that there is no chance of the coils disrupting a growing pregnancy.

The actual rate of success of pregnancy following Essure tubal reversal has not yet been reported. Just because the procedure is new, an adequate amount of reversals is needed to know more about the exact rate of pregnancy following the procedure. Medical experts are continuously doing work on improving their techniques and the same applies for tubal ligation reversal physicians. If your birth control method is considered permanent it is ideal to seek advice from the most qualified tubal reversal physicians available in your area.

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