Why Women All Recommend Dr. Elvin For Tubal Reversal Surgery?

Those who opt for tubal reversal need to choose the best surgeon to ensure that the chances of conceiving again get increased. There are a lot of micro surgeons who can operate tubal reversal surgery; however, those who want to be sure of success end up choosing Dr. Levin because of the phenomenal track record that he enjoys.

Who Is Dr. Richard Levin?

Back in the year of 1996, Dr. Levin performed his first ever microscopic tubal ligation reversal surgery. Ever since then, he has been one of the ace surgeons who brought happiness to a lot of families by helping them have children again.

Dr. Levin has more than 35 years of experience in this field and he is the man to be credited for more than 8,000 successful tubal reversals. This is a huge number and is an indication of the expertise level that he has.

Dr. Levin is also credited for creating and developing the whole concept of surrogate parenting. It was in the year of 1979 that he performed the first ever case of legal surrogacy in the whole world. Ever since this phenomenal operation, Dr. Levin in collaboration with Surrogate Parenting Associates has brought smiles to a lot of families.

What Is Tubal Ligation Reversal And Why Do People Opt For It?

Tubal ligation is a sterilization process by which a woman is rendered infertile. A lot of women opt for this surgical method in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Sometimes, it is also done in order to cure some medical ailments. However, many times, women wish to get pregnant again so that they could start a family of their own.

These women can seek help from tubal ligation reversal as it sparks hope of getting pregnant again. In this reversal process, the fallopian tubes that have been cut will be restored again.

Hence, people opt for this method of reversal surgery to become fertile again so that they can nurse the hope of being pregnant. Sometimes, some women may start experiencing Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome and even in such cases, tubal reversal surgery is the preferred choice.

Why Is Dr. Levin So Popular?

People not only in North America but from different corners of the world schedule an appointment with Dr. Levin in order to opt for tubal reversal surgery. The personal attention and the free follow up care that he provides are phenomenal and make him a popular choice among people.

There are different facilities and services that Dr. Levin offers and the main point worthy of mention are as follows.

  • Post op hotels rounds offered by the doctor.
  • A free follow-up to check infertility.
  • If a second reversal is needed, no fee is charged.
  • A free follow-up for first trimester pregnancy.
  • No fee is charged for treatment that requires fertility pills post surgery.
  • The blood work that may be needed pre-op is free of cost.
  • The tubal x-ray is free.

Hence, all these top notch facilities and right rates along with high success ratios make Dr. Levin a top recommended choice.

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