Tubal Reversal Doctors Recommended

Tubal reversal technique is performed in most of the countries and more commonly in American and European countries. This technique is widely used to make the women who undergo the tubal ligation surgery sometime in their lives conceive again. Only few Gynecological surgeons can perform a fallopian tubal reversal surgery because a great amount of special skills and training is required to perform this surgery. Hence, there are only a few Gynecological surgeons who specialize in performing the tubal reversal surgery.

 Famous Doctors who Perform Tubal Surgeries

Tubal reversal doctors are not easy to find and you will need to have a lot internet research to find a good doctor. Let us help you with a head start by discussing about some of the doctors who have the necessary expertise in this field.

In Mexico

One of the most famous doctors who perform these elective surgeries like tubal ligation and tubal reversal is Dr. Roberto Perez. The doctor is the resident of Mexico and has performed plenty of tubal ligation and tubal reversal operations. A good thing about Dr. Perez is that he is easily accessible, he has his own site where you can find about him and make an appointment. Also, he is a very economical doctor. Unlike other doctors he won’t cost you a hefty amount of money for tubal reversal surgery.

In United States

As a matter of fact, you will find specialists in tubal reversal doctors’ surgery in the entire region. As you have seen in Mexico, it is Dr. Roberto Perez and in America the best doctor for tubal reversal surgery has been held by the Dr. Rosenfield from Texas. Dr. Rosenfield is worldly renowned tubal reversal surgeon who boasts the success rate of above 90%. He hardly performs more than one or two operations each day just because he believes that care should be given to every patient and every patient deserves the necessary caring treatment. He has held quite a number of international conferences on tubal reversal procedures and his fame has reached every part of the world.  He is a very fine surgeon who specializes in using ultrafine sutures and these sutures heal in no time. He has got a fully equipped lab in his hometown Houston, Texas where he runs his own private clinic.

There are some other well-known tubal reversal doctors in U.S. as well who have been performing tubal operation for a long time now. Dr. Berger and Dr. Mongeith are two doctors of North Carolina who are the masters of tubal reversal surgery. Dr. Berger revolutionized the field of tubal reversal by inventing the outpatient tubal reversal and ligation techniques. He has also authored a book on tubal reversal procedures which has been featured on discovery and other educational channels. Both of these doctors have successfully performed more than a hundred thousand operations of tubal ligation and reversal.

Tubal reversal doctors are undoubtedly hard to find. But, you can find a good surgeon by research because tubal reversal procedure is rapidly expanding and many doctors are specializing in this field of surgery.

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