Top 3 Compelling Reasons to Opt For a Tubal Reversal Surgery

Surgical reversal of fallopian tubes is considered by many couples around the world. There are many compelling reasons to opt for this surgery but the top reason to go for this procedure is that husband and wife want another baby in their lives following a tubal ligation surgical procedure. Many people in the health field will tell them to go for in-vitro fertilization or IVF, but the following top 3 compelling reasons will let you know why couples opt for tubal reversal surgery for a successful pregnancy.

1. Better Success Rate Over IVF

The top compelling reason to opt for reversal of tubes is the fact that it has better success rate over other fertilization procedures including IVF. Tubal reversal is one of the most effective and successful way to get pregnant again with the success rate of more than 98%. The pregnancy rate after getting your tubes untied is more than 75% which later increases each month. On the flip side, you will not hear about this amount of success of tubal reversal by those in the health market.

2. Cost

Cost is another big compelling factor why couples opt for reversal of tubes to get pregnant naturally. Although the cost for this surgical treatment may range from $5000 to $8000 in the best health care and outpatient clinics and this cost is much cheaper than the one round of in-vitro fertilization which can cost you $10,000 or more. The main problem with in-vitro fertilization is that it hardly works in the first round. Every time couples visit the doctor for another round of IFV the charges accumulate. As a matter of fact, husband and wife do not know whether they will have a successful pregnancy or not, but they do not give up the hopes of having a lovely baby. Moreover, most couples do not feel comfortable with having several rounds and adding drugs into the woman’s system that is necessary for the effectiveness of IVF. For this reason, couples feel more comfortable with tubal reversal because of its effectiveness and less amount of pain.

3. Chance to Conceive Each Cycle

Husband and wife also like the concept of having the better possibilities to conceive each cycle. This idea is best for those couples who plan their pregnancies and want to have more than one baby. Once the tubal reversal surgery is performed, you can have as many babies as you want without the need of additional fertility procedures and treatments. This enables the husband and wife to grow their family to spread more peace and love without heavy fertility bills.

Couples who are interested in the tubal reversal surgery to have more children should be sure to do their research. Internet is a good platform for you to find the best tubal reversal surgery, cost, and other related things. Also, try to visit multiple health care centers and medical doctors to know more about the effectiveness of the procedure to get the ideal tubal reversal surgery.

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