Is Pain After Tubal Ligation Normal

Tubal ligation is one of the most commonly performed birth control procedures across the world. It is mostly performed on women who have had children and now want to get permanently sterilized, making it impossible for them to get pregnant because no conception can take at the fallopian, which are tied during this birth control procedure. Like many other procedures, tubal ligation has risks and side effects one of them being pains. Pain after tubal ligation can be generalized or localized but in all cases it causes emotional and physical distress on the patient. Before we determine whether or not pain after this procedure is normal or abnormal, we should first know why it occurs.

What causes pain after tubal ligation?

The pains that occur after tubal ligation are due to the manner in which the procedure is carried out. The tubal ligation procedure is performed with laparoscope, which is basically a thin tube that is equipped with camera lens. The device produces light so the medical personnel performing the surgery can clearly see the section of the fallopian tubes to be tied. These days, the procedure can be performed while a woman is recovering after vaginal childbirth, as well as during caesarean-section delivery. The procedure can also be performed as outpatient procedure, which is separate from child birth, and commonly known as interval tubal ligation.

How is the procedure performed?

During the actual medical procedure, the doctor or surgeon will insert a needle through the navel, and the abdomen may be inflated with nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide. A small incision will then be made so that laparoscope can be inserted in the abdomen. Some cases, the doctor can make another incision to allow for insertion of special grasp forceps in the abdomen. By use of various other instruments which are passed through the patient’s abdominal wall, the fallopian tubes will be sealed by blocking them with clips or plastic rings. It is the invasiveness of this surgery which causes pain after tubal ligation.

Is this pain normal?

Over 90% of patients who undergo tubal ligation experience pains thereafter. However, the severity, duration and intensity of these pains vary from one patient to the other. Whether or not the pains are normal or abnormal will depend on the intensity, duration and severity, and whether they are accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, mood swings, etc. Normal pains after the procedure can last one to two weeks, with the pain subsiding as time goes and finally disappearing. If the pains do not subside, increase, or seems to remain constant then there is a problem, and the patient should seek urgent medical care and advice.

How is this pain treated?

Because pains are among the most common side effects of tubal ligation, before the procedure is performed, the doctor should put in place measures of managing pains and other possible symptoms. The pains can be managed by talking pain killers, NSAIDs (Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs, and other medications. Mild exercises and proper diet can also help manage the pains.

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