An Overview Of The Tubal Ligation Process

If you are wondering what tubal ligation is, it is important to note that it is a surgical procedure that deals with cutting the fallopian tubes that are present in the female reproductive system and tying them up to prevent fertilization of egg.

Tubal implants are often used to carry out this process. The implants are metal springs that are extremely small in size and they are inserted in the fallopian tube without making any kind of incision. With time, the scar tissue will grow around each implant and this will prevent fertilization of egg by the sperm. Both tubal ligation and tubal implants are considered to be permanent methods of stopping fertility and they are performed by a gynecologist or a surgeon.

The Method Of Tubal Ligation

There are a lot of different ways by which the fallopian tube can be cut and you are free to choose one of the following methods.

  • Laparoscopy: 2 small incisions are made and through that incision, a viewing instrument and surgical tools are inserted in the female reproductive tract. With the help of the viewing instrument, the fallopian tube can be spotted and it is then cut and tied.
  • Mini laparoscopy: It is similar to laparoscopy except for the fact that s singe small incision is made.
  • Postpartum tubal ligation: This method is generally used to operate on women right after childbirth. The position of the fallopian tube gets shifted to a higher position in the abdomen after childbirth. This makes it easy to cut the fallopian tube and tie it. The entire process can be done after 24 to 36 hours from delivering the baby.
  • Laparotomy: It is generally done when you need abdominal surgery for other medical reasons. In this form of ligation, a larger incision is made and the tubes are then removed. This method is only used when women are suffering from medical ailments of the abdomen or when they have undergone a caesarean section for child birth.

What Should You Expect After Surgery?

When you are operated for tubal ligation, you are likely to get a discharge the same day itself. There are a few symptoms that your surgeon is likely to inform you about and they are as follows.

  • There may be little bleeding in your vagina because of the movement of your uterus.
  • If you had ligation using laparoscopy method, the stomach can get swollen because of the use of carbon dioxide gas in your abdomen. The swollen condition generally goes away in a couple of days, however, in some cases it can last longer too.
  • You should avoid rubbing the area of incision for nearly a week.
  • When you have opted for tubal implants, you should use another method of birth control for a minimum of three months. After the X-ray confirms that the fallopian tubes have been blocked, you can stop the use of pills.

Is Tubal Ligation Safe?

This method of contraception is relatively safe and the surgery is not major. Your surgeon will take care of the different necessary things to make sure you are getting the right treatment at right time.

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