What Do You Mean By Female Sterilization In America?

Female Sterilization in America refers to the process which can render a woman infertile. The fallopian tubes are blocked which ensures that the sperm will fail to reach the egg and it thereby prevents fertilization.

One of the methods of sterilization is called tubal ligation and in this method; the doctor surgically operates on the tube. It can even be carried out non-surgically too. In the non surgical method, a tiny device is attached to the cervix in each of the fallopian tubes. This device causes a scar tissue to grow and it blocks the tube permanently.

What Is The Cost?

The cost for sterilization procedure varies from $1500 to $6000. If you have insurance, a significant part of the cost will be covered.

As per the Affordable Care Act, the insurance plans need to cover contraception and sterilization related cost entirely.

The Details Of Tubal Ligation

There are a lot of different ways for performing tubal ligation procedure. It is important to note that not all methods require tying of the tubes.

It is the fallopian tube where the sperm finds the female egg and fertilizes it. This is the first step of pregnancy after ovulation. When the fallopian tube is cut, the sperm will not be able to reach to the ovary and hence there is no question of fertilization.

However, there have been a few cases where the fallopian tube grew back giving a passage to the sperm to reach the egg and fertilize it. This is however rare and only 12 out of 1000 cases report such issues.

How Does Non Surgical Sterilization Work?

If you want to opt for non surgical sterilization, you need to wait for a minimum period of six to eight weeks after your delivery.

A small metallic implant will be inserted in your fallopian tube via vagina and cervix. There is no need for any external cuts or incisions. When the implants have been placed efficiently, scar tissue starts forming around each device and this scar tissue helps in blocking the tubes permanently.

Generally, the process can be carried out under the influence of local anesthesia and it can be completed in a few minutes too. A follow up x-ray after three months is advised to make sure that the fallopian tubes are blocked.

Does Sterilization Impact My Periods?

This sterilization procedure has zero impact on your menstrual cycle and hormone flow. You will continue to have the same cycle like before.

Are These Procedures Effective?

Depending upon the surgical technique that you have chosen, these procedures are likely to be effective. There are a few cases where the fallopian tubes have re-grown and it had led to fertilization of the egg. However, such cases are extremely rare.

Can Tubal Ligation Be Reversed?

There is scope for ligation to be reversed, however, it is not reliable and you still may not be able to conceive. Further, the process is extremely costly and the low rate of success ensures that very rarely people opt to get it reversed.

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