Getting Pregnant After Tube Reversal Surgery

If you had a tube reversal surgery, it will take sometime before your body adjusts and gets ready to conceive again. You need to give some time for healing because of the surgical procedure and then a little more time is needed to get the hormones back in action as well.

When you opt for tubal ligation, the body is adjusted to behave in such a way that the fallopian tube is blocked. When the tubal reversal surgery is done, the body needs to adjust to the changes of readjustment of fallopian tube.

Impact Of Reversal Surgery On Menstrual Cycle

Just after having the tubal reversal surgery, some women may suffer from menstrual cycle fluctuations. Both delayed as well as early periods are common and it will take a couple of months for your period to settle in the right rhythm.

However, the real problem begins when couples start trying to conceive. The body starts to show symptoms similar to those in the early stages of pregnancy. The real problem lies in the fact that symptoms for PMS largely match with those in the early stages of pregnancy.

Bloating, nausea and lethargy are extremely common. A lot of women may have the wrong illusion of being pregnant. The big problem is the fact that you need to wait for a two week period before you can test whether or not you are pregnant.

The Ups And Downs Of Emotions

It is extremely tough to wait for the two week period because the anticipation of being pregnant can be exciting and killing.  Even when the hiatus is over and you are all set to check whether or not you were able to conceive, the moment is equally tensed. The excitement to see positive results also leads to the fear of being disappointed should you find a negative result because then you have to wait an entire month again before you can have a happy news to greet you.

However, one needs to be patient and keep trying. When finally the big day comes and the pregnancy test turns out to be positive, you will wish to tell the whole world about it and at the same time, you want to be doubly sure as well. However, this is the moment when your real test begins. Before spreading the news all around the world, you must make a call to the gynecologist’s office and schedule an appointment at the earliest.

Taking Care In The Early Months

It is extremely important to track early pregnancy, when you had tube reversal surgery. The levels of HCG hormone have to be monitored because the odds of suffering from ectopic pregnancy can increase significantly.

In most cases, people first share the news in tube reversal group. After the pregnancy is observed in uterus and the heart beat has been noted, one can be sure of conceiving the child and they can share the happy news with whomever they want to. No doubt, the rest of the journey will be even more eventful and magical. The birth of a child is a moment that is glued in every parent’s mind for the rest of their life.

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