What is Female Vasectomy & What am I Supposed to Do?

Female vasectomy is a procedure done to female patients to prevent them from getting pregnant. It is done on the fallopian tube to interrupt the pathway for a woman’s egg to the uterus. When the egg and the sperm are separated, fertilization does not take place and there is no chance for pregnancy occurring.

The female vasectomy is a permanent birth control method mostly recommended for patients who have made a decision not to have any more pregnancies. Other contraceptive methods such as female sterilization involve a surgical procedure where the patient is under general Anaesthetic. Unlike the other methods of contraception which are much more procedural, female vasectomy is currently being performed in outpatient clinics by gynecologists.

Improved Version of Female Sterilization

An improved version of female sterilization known as female vasectomy has taken over to avoid the surgical procedures previously performed. It is a straightforward process that does not require any cut on the patient. This process involves inserting two tiny metal coils through the vagina heading to both the fallopian tubes. The procedure has over the last three years been practiced in USA, Australia and currently being introduced in United Kingdom. The fitting done on the fallopian tube with the Essure device has proved to be perfect since there has not been reported any case of pregnancy after the procedure.
The Essure device can be fitted in within a short time and allow the patient to go home. The patient is able to get back to her normal duties after a day’s rest. Essure device is a soft titanium nickel alloy of around 3.5cm long.

It is placed in the fallopian tubes whereby new tissue slowly grows on to polyester fiber scaffolding inside the coil. Within a period of 3 months the tube becomes blocked and fertilization no longer takes place. The 3 months is necessary to allow the new tissue to grow and the patients are advised to wait for that period to end before engaging in unprotected sex. Once the new tissue grows, the patient can engage in unprotected sex without any fear of becoming pregnant.

A Preferred Option These Days

Female vasectomy is currently preferred by most patients looking for a permanent method of contraception with an intention to avoid the idea of a major surgery performed on other contraceptive methods. Anaesthesia is done to prevent any pain to the patient or any discomfort. There are few effects on the procedure as only few patients experience nausea and others cramping but of the patients have to deal with a minor discomfort.

Patients are required to go for checkup after 3 months’ time elapses on an X-ray to ensure the procedure was successful. A dye is inserted through the vagina to test whether the fallopian tubes are well blocked and can prevent any sperm from going through. Female vasectomy’s straightforward nature and the ability to avoid surgical procedures that involved cut in the patient’s body will be the preferred method by many women who have fears in the previous methods. The advantage of female vasectomy is that it allows patient to go back to their normal duties after a day or two after the process is done.

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