Facts About Tubal Reversal in Mexico

You must have heard about the tubal ligation (fallopian tubes) procedures, which are performed all over the world on the females who wish to avoid the pregnancy. Tubal ligation is done by different methods such as, by tying the fallopian tubes together or by blocking the fallopian tubes with some closed circular rings or by burning the tubes with electric current. But there is another technique which is the reversal of tubal ligation. In tubal reversal techniques, the fallopian tubes which have been blocked are reopened. Usually, women who have undergone the tubal ligation procedure for numerous confidential reasons opt for tubal reversal as well. Mostly, tubal reversal technique is performed on the women whose fallopian tubes had been tied and not cauterized.

Like everywhere else, tubal reversal techniques are being performed in Mexico as well, on daily basis.

In Mexico

Tubal reversal is performed each day in Mexico. It is a very safe procedure and many Gynaecologists of Mexico exercise this technique on the young women who want to get pregnant again. Tubal reversal is preferred in women under the age of 30 but now women under 40 years of age are also undergoing this technique.

Why Tubal Reversal in Mexico is Favorable

Tubal Reversal in Mexico is preferred over the tubal reversal techniques in United States and other countries especially Canada and South America for some of the following reasons.

  • Tubal reversal techniques are very expensive. Usually, each tubal reversal operation costs up to 5000$ or more in United States. Every person there is medically insured but the insurance does not cover these kind of surgeries so the less-wealthy persons have no option but to come to Mexico for the tubal reversal techniques.
  • The price for tubal reversal surgery in Mexico is much less than the price it costs in U.S. and Canada. Also the health care system in Mexico is at par with the first world countries, so people show no hesitation while coming to this state for the tubal reversal operation. It has been reported that thousands of people travel to the Country of Mexico just for the tubal reversal operation. In Mexico, the tubal reversal surgery cost depends on the doctor but most of them do not cost more than 2000$. A half decent doctor can do this surgery in less than 1000$ as well but to be cautious you should go to a doctor who has successfully performed this procedure before.
  • Also, Mexico is the Central country in the whole of American region so it is feasible for the people of U.S. and Canada as well as the people of Southern American countries.
  • The doctors of Mexico esp. the Gynecologist surgeons are very adept at what they do. Most of them have been trained in U.S. and Canada. There are very good centers for fallopian tube ligation and fallopian tube reversal surgeries.
  • You can browse via internet to find a good doctor in Mexico, with whom you can fix an appointment and set yourself up for the tube reversal operation.

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