Facts About Essure Procedure

Better than Tubal Ligation

Essure is a long lasting birth control technique that works with the woman’s body and forms a natural barrier in it to protect against pregnancy. There are many birth control methods available and you can pick from several options depending on what type will go well with your body and personality. Essure is relatively a new and technologically advanced way of permanent birth control which provides a long lasting sterilization for women. It is in practice for many years and providing much better results than any other birth control procedure.

For fast paced women, the Essure technique is great if you want a long lasting pregnancy prevention procedure because you do not need to spend a lot of time recovering from the surgical treatment. Professionals have confirmed that this is significantly less risky than tubal ligation. You will need to take medication 1 or 2 hours before the Essure procedure.

How Essure Procedure is Performed?

A very small and soft coil “micro insert” is inserted into the both fallopian tubes. After this procedure, your body will response naturally and tissues will start growing inside the micro inserts. This process will help the tissues to stop the sperm before it reaches to female egg. It will take about ninety days after the micro inserts are inserted into the fallopian tubes. In this ninety days period, you must use other forms of temporary birth control like condoms and birth control pills.

Some main points of the Essure surgical procedure are:

  • Hysteroscope (a small telescope like instrument) is inserted through the cervix and vagina into the uterus. This small device is connected to a video camera that sends images to a monitor. This helps the doctor to have an inside view of uterus.
  • Salt water or saline is inserted into the uterus through hysteroscope. This material expands the uterus and helps your medical professional to view the openings of your fallopian tubes easily.
  • A small flexible tube is used and micro inserts are placed into both fallopian tubes.

After placing the micro inserts, an X-ray test is needed after ninety days to confirm if the system is already in place. Just because there are no incisions or hormones required in this procedure, Essure is considered more technologically advanced than other forms of permanent birth control procedures. A small amount of anesthesia is needed and you are done within just 10 minutes in a doctor’s clinic. This procedure is successfully in practice around the world and thousands of women are benefiting from it.
The great benefit of Essure procedure is that your body stays safe from any cutting. Spring-like small coils or micro inserts are placed into your fallopian tubes through natural pathways such as cervix, vagina and uterus. During the first ninety days of the procedure, micro inserts and your body work together to create a tissue barrier. This tissue barrier stops the egg from travelling into the uterus and hence fertilization process does not start.

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