Birth Control Options For Women

If you are looking to keep unwanted pregnancy away, you need to find the best birth control options for women. There is no dearth of such options and if you look at the details diligently and meticulously, you will be able to find the right answers that will serve your needs. Some of the most common options that are often used by women are as follows.

Birth Control Pills

One can find a lot of birth control pills in the market. You need to know that the pills do not offer cent percent assurance, but in most cases, they turn out to be an effective choice and can prevent pregnancy most of the times.

Contraceptive Rings

These are another popular birth control options for women. The best advantage of this method is that you rarely feel its presence and thus it does not lead to any problem during intercourse. Also, no removal is needed even after the intercourse. However, one major drawback is that it does not offer any kind of protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Further, in some conditions, the ring may slip and this can thwart the chances of protecting your pregnancy.

Intra Uterine Devices

This is perhaps one of the most effective and the most reliable birth control options for women.  It has an effectiveness percentage stretching from 99.2 to up to 99.8 percent. Once inserted, you do not need to be bothered about anything else and it doesn’t need any day to day replacement either. The only major drawback is its inability to protect you from STD. if you run the risk of contracting such diseases; you will have to try some other ways. However, those whose sole concern is to keep unwanted pregnancy away and those who are tired of the hassles of taking pills regularly or using condoms can safely fall back on intra uterine devices as this is bound to be of help.

Surgical Methods

Apart from these ways and options; you can also resort to surgical methods. Surgical solutions are permanent; however, there are medical processes that can come in handy for the sake of reverting them too. No doubt, there will be a few complications if you opt for reversing the permanent method of birth control.

Both men and women can choose to be operated surgically for the sake of keeping pregnancy away. Unwanted pregnancy can create a lot of problems and it is advised to invest in the right methods of family planning.

When you are looking for birth control options for women, you can choose any of the above method. If you have hormonal problems, you should consult your gynecologist before opting for any of the methods because some of the above listed methods are known to alter the hormonal cycle.

Once you are sure that you are clear to use any of these methods, you can choose the one that seems to be apt for your body and then enjoy the benefits that it will reap.

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