Analyzing The Effectiveness Of Tubal Ligation

Before discussing about the effectiveness of tubal ligation, it is important to know what the process is and the use it serves. Those who are unaware of what tubal ligation is need to know that it is a surgical method of birth control. It is a permanent way of preventing pregnancy and is relatively safe for your health too.

Is Tubal Ligation Successful In Keeping Pregnancy Away?

When you are choosing a permanent method of birth control, you need to measure the effectiveness of the program because if the surgical method is not reliable, it can impact the chances of your pregnancy. When you are looking to opt for family planning, it will become crucial to analyze the details of effectiveness of tubal ligation and only when you are convinced that the method is safe, you should opt for it.

It is worthy to ad that tubal ligation serves a useful purpose and it is definitely effective. In this medical process, the fallopian tubes are blocked, cut and sometimes tied as well. Owing to the disruption in the tube, there is no proper passage for the sperms to reach the egg and this prevents ovulation from occurring. There are different ways of carrying out the surgery and you can check out the details before coming to the right conclusion regarding which method you should use.

Are there any medical complications?

Generally, there are no medical complications involved in this form of surgical procedure. However, these are some of the symptoms that you need to be aware of. They are pretty common and a lot of females are known to experience it.

Vaginal bleeding: slight bleeding in the vagina is common after your fallopian tubes have been cut and tied.

Distended stomach: if laparoscopy has been used to remove the fallopian tube, you may have a distended stomach. Not only this, you can also face mild discomfort in your shoulder and back area. Generally, the pain subsides in a few days. However the time period is not fixed and some women may end up with a distended stomach for a longer period of time.

There isn’t any other major symptom, but it is advised that you should take complete bed rest for a day and then slowly resume your normal activities. There should be no problem in opting for an intercourse; however; when you are using an implant, you should use a method of birth control for a time period of three months. After this time duration, you can have an X-ray to confirm that the fallopian tubes have been cut and you are protected from unwanted pregnancy.

So, if you are unsure about the effectiveness of tubal ligation, you can clear your doubts. It is mostly effective unless your tubes haven’t been properly tied. To be doubly sure, some couples end up using a birth control method for the first month or so. If you are looking for a permanent way of keeping unwanted pregnancy away, it is recommended to opt for tubal ligation as it is n

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