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Tuballigation (tubal ligation or female sterilization) refers to a surgical procedure that blocks the path of the egg along the fallopian tubes, therefore preventing fertilization and pregnancy.

Female sterilization is the second most frequent birth control method in the United States, around 650,000 female sterilizations are performed in the US each year.

Facts You Must Know About Tubal Sterilization

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Tubal sterilization is a permanent surgery meant to prevent further pregnancies in women. It is perceived as a birth control method which is not a reversible process once it is performed. The surgical procedure involves tying the woman’s fallopian tubes that lead from the ovaries…Read More

Tubal Reversal Doctors Recommended

Tubal reversal technique is performed in most of the countries and more commonly in American and European countries. This technique is widely used to make the women who undergo the tubal ligation surgery sometime in their lives conceive again. Only few Gynecological surgeons can perform…Read More

Facts About Tubal Reversal in Mexico

You must have heard about the tubal ligation (fallopian tubes) procedures, which are performed all over the world on the females who wish to avoid the pregnancy. Tubal ligation is done by different methods such as, by tying the fallopian tubes together or by blocking…Read More

What Is The Best Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome Treatment Option

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In this internet era, you can find a lot of information online which may be confusing. There are some people who say that there is no known or effective post tubal ligation syndrome treatment. If you are suffering from this condition, this information may make…Read More

Will Your Period And Ovulation After Tubal Ligation Occur Like Always?

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Tubal ligation is a permanent surgical procedure that is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In this surgical method of operation, the fallopian tubes are cut and tied and this prevents the egg from coming in contact with sperm, thereby cutting down any chances of fertilization….Read More

Adenomyosis Causes, Cures and Treatments

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Adenomyosis causes, cures and treatments is one of the most popular topics online. Adenomyosis is one of the various conditions that can affect women in general especially those in the child bearing age. The following is a brief discussion of the causes, cures, and treatments…Read More

All That You Need To Know About Female Reconstructive Surgery (FRS)

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Female Reconstructive Surgery (FRS) refers to corrective surgery which is performed to reverse tubal litigation, which refers to tying the patient’s fallopian tubes or blocking them thus making it impossible for them to get pregnant because no conception can take place. FRS not only reverses…Read More

Birth Control Options For Women

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If you are looking to keep unwanted pregnancy away, you need to find the best birth control options for women. There is no dearth of such options and if you look at the details diligently and meticulously, you will be able to find the right…Read More

Analyzing The Effectiveness Of Tubal Ligation

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Before discussing about the effectiveness of tubal ligation, it is important to know what the process is and the use it serves. Those who are unaware of what tubal ligation is need to know that it is a surgical method of birth control. It is…Read More

What is Female Vasectomy & What am I Supposed to Do?

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Female vasectomy is a procedure done to female patients to prevent them from getting pregnant. It is done on the fallopian tube to interrupt the pathway for a woman’s egg to the uterus. When the egg and the sperm are separated, fertilization does not take…Read More